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Varazs Kedelyses Csok

 Sly, 3 years old taken July 2004

Sly's Pedigree

Parents Grandparents Great grandparents Great great grandparents
Am CH Voros Vadasz Cyrus Barat MH ROM (OFA VZ-4585G24M) CH Winsong's Gold Nugget SH ROM 
(OFA VZ-3750G24M)
Am CH Abby Hill's Winsong  (OFA VZ-2175) Am CH Czuki of Wedgewood (OFA VZ-2133)
Am CH Abby's Hill Liddy (OFA VZ-2057)
Winsongs Absolute Joy OFA VZ-3749F60F) Am CH Solo (OFA VZ-2367-T "Good))
Princess Jenna Lea (OFA VZ-2337)
Am CH Gabriella Voros Vadasz ROM 
(OFA VZ-3221G28F)
Am CH Rotkopf's Lord Sean Royal OFA VZ-1217) BIS Am CH Miklos Heliker 
Am CH Rotkopf's Regina Of Sageacre
Am CH Miska Leany Voros Vadasz (OFA VZ-2376 Ex) Am CH Rotkopf's Super Charger ROM (OFA VZ-1515)
Am CH Sarika Voros Vadasz (OFA VZ-1737)
Am/Can CH Varazs Abracadabra TT (Abby), ( OFA VZ-6710G32F-T) BISS Am CH Emerald Legacy's Prime Time ROM (Mickey) (OFA VZ-3529F24M) Am CH Dorratz Foreign Exchange (OFA VZ-2811E24M) Am CH Willow Run's Bold Brigadier
Dorratz- Cariad Tiara's Jewel (OFA VZ-2000-T)
Am CH Sagi's Misty Bey of Bethwood (OFA VZ-3122G52F) BISS Am CH Miklos Bey of Bethwood (OFA VZ-1418)
Am CH Heather Bey of Bethwood (OFA VZ-1918-T)
Am/Cdn CH Maritza of Kezdet Nekah Am/Cdn CD, CGC (Nekah) (OFA VZ-6710G32F-T) Am CH Janos Bey of Bethwood (Janos) (OFA VZ-2518G77M) Am CH George Bey of Bethwood (OFA VZ-1060)
Bethwood's Miss Muffin (OFA VZ-1190)
Am CH Kezdet's Imola (Molly) (OFA VZVZ-3290G25F) Am/Can CH Kalypso Must Be Magic CDX (OFA VZ-2480G24M-T)
Am CH Kezdet's Kis Lizzie (OFA VZ-2151)
  • Sire: Am CH Voros Vadasz Cyrus Barat MH, OFA Good 
  • Dam: Am/Can CH Varazs Abracadabra TT, OFA Good
  • DOB: February 21, 2001
  • Died: February 24, 2009
  • Sex: Male

  • CKC Reg.# LC757520

  • Tattoo: NPR 6L (Left flank)

  • Breeder: Sylvia Dorosh

  • Owners: Carol and George Gyorgy, British Columbia

Sly was returned to us at six months of age due to a separation anxiety problem.  After searching for more than seven months for the perfect  home, our sweetie, Sly, settled in with his 'forever home' with a very loving couple, Carol and George Gyorgy, of British Columbia!  Life couldn't be better for "Sly-Pie".

July 2004 - George, Carol & Sly made a long trek across Canada to visit Sly's birthplace in Moffat, Ontario and also participated in the Vizsla Specialty Shows at Woodstock, Ontario on July 10 and 11. It was truly wonderful to see this gorgeous dog again after 2 years. Sly turned out to be an extremely handsome dog.  He is also such a 'lover's boy', bestowing many kisses on those he loves.


July 9, 2004 Best of Breed, Altered Class, Vizsla Society of Ontario's Specialty Show under Judge Marilyn O'Neil of Ancaster, ON. Handled by his loving breeder.  See photo below.

July 10, 2004 Best of Breed, Altered Class, Vizsla Canada Inc.'s  Specialty Show under Judge Linda Millman of Hamilton, ON. Handled by his loving breeder.


Yellow_male_Mar_6_01.jpg (10501 bytes)  Yellow_male_Mar_24_01.jpg (11309 bytes)  Sly_6_wks_old_April_2001.jpg (20290 bytes) Sly about 5 or 6 mo. old

(Below) Sly at between 4.5 and 6 months of age with his first owner.

Sly_sitting_at_attention_at_Wendy.jpg (28796 bytes) Sly_standing_still.jpg (16696 bytes)  Wendy holding Sly, July_2001  Wendy_holding_Sly_by_collar_July_2001.jpg (21991 bytes)

Photos (below) taken Sept & Oct. 2001

 Sly_2_Sept_2001.jpg (21995 bytes) Sly_Oct_2001_B2.jpg (21919 bytes)

 Photos (below) taken in Dec. 2001

  Sly_on_bed_Dec.jpg (22742 bytes)  Sly_on_Xmas_Day_2001.jpg (16740 bytes)

  Sly with his new owners, Carol & George Gyorgy in BC.

Sly with George & Carol_Gyorgy  Sly with George & Carol Gyorgy Sly with George Gyorgy, Mar_02

 Taken July 8 - 10, 2004
Sly - BOB Altered VSO Spec Show July 10_04.jpg (58003 bytes)


George, Carol & Sly July 10, 2004.jpg (54388 bytes) Sly what a handsome dog! July 10, 2004 (55719 bytes) Sly back at his birthplace Jly 2004.jpg (14348 bytes)

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