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Conformation Handling

I provide the following dog-related services

Conformation Handling:

  • Conformation handling: $50/show plus a share in the travel expenses (see below). I do NOT charge my own puppy-buyers to show their Vizslas. 
  • Vizslas and other short-haired dogs only.
  • Owners can either drop their dog off at my house or meet me at the show.
  • Vizsla assessments are free.
  • Dogs are expected to be bathed, their nails clipped and teeth cleaned.  
  • While conformation may look easy, dogs must be trained to move properly, to stand still in a certain pose, and to be handled by judges. 
  • Training fees may be required in addition to handling fees. Please contact me for an estimate for training. 



  • Vizslas only please!
  • Short- and long-term stays, subject to space in our house & the mood of my kennel help (the hubbie)
  • Limited space, since dogs live in our home as part of our family
  • Dogs must be crate-trained, housebroken (unless they are just puppies), with up-to-date vaccinations, no fleas, and sociable
  • We highly recommend you bring your own dog's food & bedding.
  • If we don't know your dog, we recommend an initial meeting to assess your Vizsla through observation and interaction with our dogs.  If we don't think they will get along, we will have to say no to boarding.
  • For fees, please see below.


Fees/Rates  (Effective October 2013)

  • Conformation handling: $50/show + gas mileage @ .55 cents/KM to from my home to the show & back
  • Boarding:        $18/ - $25/night
  •     $18/night for spayed/neutered Vizslas or intact females
  •     $25/night for intact males
  • Boarding for Varazs-bred dogs/puppies:  $10 night & no charge to handle in conformation

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