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CH Ferngold Varazs Innovation Can/Am CD, FDJ, JH, 
Can/Am RA, Am RE, Am RAE, CGN


Photo above is copyrighted and courtesy of
"Photographs by Neil Kinnear and Lesley Chung"


Nova was awarded the 2012 VSO Tibor Reiter Trophy for versatility

Nova's Pedigree

Parents Grandparents Great grandparents
Can CH Drummers Moon Over Gardenway FDJ (Drum) 25" (UK)  CKC Reg.# 1051743 Eng CH Gardenway Harvest Moon (UK) Russetmantle Quiver (UK)
Gardenway Charlotte (UK)
Bonelli Firecrest (UK) Eng SH CH Gardenway Dramatist (Grebe) (UK)
Gardenway Petite Fleur (UK)
Can CH Gardenway Celtic Breeze (Bree) 21.5" (UK)  CKC Reg.# 1064794 Eng SH CH Gardenway Dramatist (UK)
Kilato-Teri Furge Mokany of Helmlake
Gardenway Dawn Run (UK)
Gardenway Petite Fleur (UK) Gardenway Master Mariner (UK)
Gardenway Charlotte (UK)

No words can describe how devastated I was by the death of our beloved Nova at the age of 10 from cancer.  An otherwise extremely healthy dog contracted an exceedingly rare cancer - Mesothelioma -  for which there is no cure and we could not save Nova.  She died just after turning 10 years of age. I still miss her and grieve profoundly for her.

Nova visits Milo June 2007
Vital Stats
  • Sire: CH Drummers Moon Over Gardenway FDJ "Drum" VZ4918F33M-T (UK)
  • Dam: CH Gardenway Celtic Breeze "Bree" VZ6780G33F (UK)
  • Whelped June 5, 1999
  • Died:  June 8, 2009
  • Tattoo: UEK1J
  • Sex: Female
  • Height: 21.5"
  • Weight:  43 lb.
  • CKC Reg#: JL603589
  • AKC Reg#: SN934362/01
  • UKC  Reg#: R205-281
  • OFA Hips:  VZ7304G25F-PI "Good"
  • OFA Elbows: VZ-EL756F93-PI "Normal"
  • CERF Eyes VZ-416/2008-112 "Clear"
  • OFA Cardiology:  VZ-CA124/99FC-PI "Normal"
  • CHIC#: 35250 (Canine Health Information Center)
  • CKC pedigree
  • Breeder: Eileen Wright (Ferngold Reg'd), Ontario
  • Owner: Sylvia Dorosh (Varazs Perm. Reg'd Vizslas)


  • Rally Advanced/Excellent (RAE - AKC) -  February 8, 2009
  • Jr. Hunter  (JH - AKC) Sept. 6, 2008  
  • Rally Advanced (RA - CKC) - April 25, 2008
  • Rally Novice (RN - CKC) - February 17, 2008
  • Rally Excellent (RE - AKC) - May 6, 2006
  • Rally Advanced (RA - AKC) - January 14, 2006
  • Rally Novice Obedience (RN - AKC), - Oct. 2, 2005
  • Canine Good Neighbour (CGN) - Aug. 13, 2005
  • Companion Dog (CD - AKC) - Sept. 26, 2004
  • Companion Dog (CD - CKC) - Nov. 30, 2002
  • Field Dog Jr. (FDJ) - Sept. 15, 2002
  • Champion (CKC) - December 2, 2000


  • 2003 with Am/Can CH Varazs Kiraly Sassy Sasha Am/Can CDX, FDJ, CGC, CGN, TT (Sasha) and produced 10 puppies, 6 F & 4 M, born June 26 of which 6 are titled:
    • Int'l BIS (Vet), UKC/Int'l/Am/Can CH Varazs Kiralyi Kedvesem FD, NAVHDA NA Prize III, JH, Am/Can CDX, Am/Can RE, Am RAE, AGNS, AGNJS, URO1, CGN "Miska"
    • CH Varazs Kiralyi Fiu RN (AKC) CGN "Hudson"
    • CH (Cdn & UKC) Varazs Sziv Jump For Joy BN, RE, CGC, CGN "Katya"
    • CH Varazs Artemis Vizsandy CD, AGN, AGI, RA (CARO), RE, CGN "Shandy"
    • CH Varazs Kiralyi Vadaszat FDJ, Can/Am CD, NAVHDA NA Prize II, JH, Am RA, CGN "Vadasz"
    • CH Varazs Kiralyi Szofia FDJ NAVHDA NA Prize II "Zsofi"
    • Varazs Sarga Sunset "Amber"
    • Varazs Kiralyi Noble Spirit "Noble"
    • Varazs Kiralyi Szepseg Rachel
    • Varazs Kiralyi Rubicund Ruby
  • 2006 with Am/Can/Int'l CH Kizmar Touch of Evil JH (Hudson) and produced 8 puppies, 5 F & 3 M, born June 17 of which 7 are titled:
    • CH Varazs Nyar Hot Sauce FDJ RN "Chili" / "Tucker"
    • CH Varazs Nyar Cigany "Lloyd"
    • BPIG CH Varazs Nyar Sea Breeze Lucy #2
    • CH Varazs Heavenly Summer Ruby #2
    • CH Varazs Nyar The Contessa "Tessie"
    • CH Varazs Napkelte Tyrone Am/Can CD, Am/Can RE, Am RAE, URO3, UCD, CGN, CGC "Tyro"
    • CH Varazs Edes Veronika "Nika"
    • Varazs Nyar Lucylou  "Lucy #1"


  • January 2013 - Nova was posthumously awarded the Vizsla Society of Ontario's 2012 Tibor Reiter trophy for versatility.
  • Feb. 8, 2009 Completed her AKC RAE title in Phoenix AZ.
  • Feb. 7, 2009 Was Best of Opposite Sex in the Veteran Sweepstakes at the Rio Salado Vizsla Specialty Show, Phoenix, AZ
  • Sept 27/08  Nova competed in one day of rally trials in the Finger Lakes circuit in Romulus, NY and earned 1 more RAE leg.  That was Nova's 8th; Nova needs 2 more RAE legs to finish her title.  Thank goodness we didn't enter Sunday's trials because it poured with rain in the morning (outdoor trial).
  • Sept. 6-7/08  More AKC hunt tests at Darien, NY and Nova earned her 4th leg on Saturday to earn her title.  She ran again on Sunday, scoring a little higher overall (8's and 9's out of 10) because the weather conditions were better. Her son Vadasz and daughter Miska also finished their JH titles on Sunday.  All in all, a great weekend for our dogs!
  • May 31-June 1, 2008  Nova and her son, Vadasz, competed in hunt tests at Darien, NY, organized by the German Shorthair Pointer Club of Western NY.  Nova earned 2 more legs towards her JH title with scores on Saturday of 8/10 in all categories and scores of three 9's and one 8 on Sunday.  She just needs 1 more Q for her title.  Vadasz also earned his first two JH legs.
  • April 25, 2008  Nova and her daughter Miska completed their CKC Rally Advanced titles at the St. Catharines & District trials, earning 94 and 97/100 respectively.  And Nova's 2 sons, Chili and  Tyro earned their first rally novice legs!
  • February 17, 2008 earned the last leg of her Cdn Rally Novice title with a score of 98 / 100 at the Hamilton Dog Obedience Club's trials.
  • January 11 - 12, 2008 At the Nickel Belt cluster in Hamburg, NY, Nova earned 2 more RAE (rally) legs bringing her up to 8.  At this same show, daughter Miska finished her Rally Excellent title, other daughter Katya completed her Rally Advanced title and son Chili earned his first AKC point in conformation.
  • Sept. 27 - 30  Romulus, NY (Wine Circuit).  Nova earned 3 (out of 3) legs towards her RAE (rally) title. At one of the Excellent trials, she scored 97 and a 3rd place!  That's 6 legs down, 4 more to go for her title!
  • Sept 1-2/07 Darien, NY Nova earned the first leg of her American Jr Hunter title at the GSP Club of Western NY.  Her daughter, Miska earned 2 legs. 
  • Sept 28 - Oct 1/06  At the Wine Circuit in Romulus, NY conditions were very wet and extremely muddy which really hampered our efforts in the rally obedience ring, except for the first day when Nova passed both the Excellent and Advanced classes to earn her 3rd RAE leg. She didn't want to heel or lie down in the mud and frankly, I didn't blame her.
  • Sept 16/06.  Nova's daughter, Shandy, earned her Rally Novice (CARO) title and another daughter, Katya, took a Best in Match at a United Kennel Club all-breed match, handled by her owner, Pauline!  
  • Sept 10/06  Daughter Katya, took Best of Breed & a Group 4th for 4 pts to finish her Cdn Championship in Erin, ON at the Oakville & District KC club's show under judge Michael Hill. This is the 6th from the 2003 breeding between Nova & Sasha to finish a Championship title.
  • July/Aug '06  In the July/ Aug issue of the Vizsla Club of America's "Vizsla News", Sasha dropped to 10th place in the US in the overall Rally Excellent standings for Vizslas and dropped to 4th place (still tied with Nova) in Rally Advanced standings. 
  • May/June '06  In the May/June issue of the Vizsla Club of America's "Vizsla News", Sasha was tied for 2nd place in the US in the Rally Excellent standings for Vizslas and was also in 3rd place tied with Nova in Rally Advanced standings. 
  • June/06 Another one of her offspring - Shandy - earned her Cdn Championship!  
  • June 17/06 Nova gave birth to 8 healthy, live puppies: 5 girls and 3 boys.  To view some photos of the puppies, click on this link
  • May 26-28/06 Nova's daughter, Katya picked up 5 pts towards her American CH title; this brings her up to 7 points including her first major. 
  • May 8/06 An ultrasound was done on Nova & she is confirmed to be pregnant.  She's carrying more than 7 puppies which are due around June 16-17.
  • May 6-7/06  At Hamburg, NY, completed her American Rally Excellent title on May 6 and earned 2 legs towards her RAE (Rally Advanced/Excellent) title. 
  • April 18/06 Nova was bred to Am/Can/International CH Kizmar Touch of Evil JH (Hudson). Puppies expected near the end of June.
  • Mar. 30/06 Syracuse, NY.  Nova earned a 2nd passing score towards her AKC Rally Excellent title.  Her son, Vadasz earned his American Companion Dog (CD) title on April 2 & her daughter, Miska earned 2 passing scores for her Rally Advanced title.  
  • Jan. 15/06 Hamburg, NY.  Earned her first leg for her AKC Rally Excellent title with a score of 85.
  • Jan. 12 - 14, 2006 At Hamburg, NY, earned her American Rally Advanced Obedience title in 3 straight trials with scores of 97, 98, and 97.
  • Oct. 2/05 Nova earned her American Rally Novice Obedience title in 3 straight trials at the Finger Lakes Wine Circuit in Romulus, NY.
  • Aug, 13/05 Nova and 4 of her kids, Katya, Hudson, Miska and Vadasz earned their Canine Good Neighbour titles.
  • 2005 Another daughter, Shandy, earned her Agility Novice Standard title in Canada.
  • Dec. 4, 2004. Another of Nova's get, Zsofi, became a Cdn Champion, bringing to 4 the total number of Champions from Nova's 2003 litter.
  • Nov. 28, 2004 - 2 more of Nova's get (Miska & Hudson) became Cdn Champions
  • Fall, 2004  3 of her get - Vadasz, Zsofi & Miska earned their Field Dog Jr & NAVHDA (hunting) titles
  • Sept. 23/04  Nova earned the final leg of her American Companion Dog (obedience title) at the Kanadasaga Kennel Club, Romulus, NY.
  • September 18/04 - Dam of three titled dogs which have between them earned: 1 champion, 1 Field Dog Jr. & 3 NAVHDA Natural Ability Prizes (hunting titles); 1 is a Cdn Champion and earned a 4th in Sporting Group; 4 other dogs from this litter are pointed in Canada and the US; two earned majors at their debut shows in the US.  
  • May 2/04 - Earned her 2nd qualifying score for her Novice Obedience title at Hamburg, NY.  She would have come home with her title on the weekend where it not for the fact that a pesky insect caused her to pop up during the long down exercise the day before.
  • June 26, 2003 - Whelped 10 puppies, 7 females & 3 males!
  • Sept. 2003 - Nova earned one leg towards her American CD title.
  • 2002 - Nova earned her Companion Dog title on November 30, 2002 with 3 straight passes with her first leg earned Nov. 9, 2002.
  • 2001  Made the cut in the Vizsla Club of America's Nationals, Open Bitch class, 2001 out of about 25 entries
  • 2000 - Nova earned two passing scores towards her Field Dog Jr. title at the Vizsla Society of Ontario's field tests, Aug. 24/25, 2000.  On Saturday, Nova was highest scoring dog in the Field Dog Jr. class with a score of 89 out of 100. 
  • 1999 Winner's Female, Open Class, 1999 Vizsla Society of Ontario's  Specialty Show under judge Richard Chashoudian, Baton Rouge, LA.


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Nova, spring 2005 Nova taken March, 2006  (27906 bytes)

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